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To preserve the nature and for a greener tomorrow, Hira is developing industrial technologies that can improve the manufacturing process efficiency, speed and reliability. Scale-Ban is a patented technology developed to prevent industrial scaling which causes pollution, loss in production, higher maintenance cost and poor efficiency.

The Scale-Ban technology provides several advantages over the conventional methods by maximizing water conversation, minimizing pollution, saving the cost of de-scaling chemicals, preventing shut down for condenser cleaning and other operational losses.

Hira has implemented this technology across its manufacturing units under the process improvement initiatives and has started offering this technology to other fortune 500 companies globally in the business of manufacturing.

The objective of Hira is to optimize manufacturing processes to reduce its impact on nature and develop a sustainable business model.

Hira has been actively involved in the research and development of new innovative technologies in the field of quality, safety, testing and operations which can make the production and manufacturing process for tomorrow.

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